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Durbes Atvari

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About Durbes Atvari

Durbes Atvari is a leisure complex in Latvia, near lake Durbe, on Riga-Liepaja highway, 191 km far from Riga, turning to Liguti.

Durbe is the smallest town in Latvia, which can be proud with having a wonderful lake. Durbes Atvari is built on coast of this lake.

We offer You to rent Your own cottage, which has kitchen, living room, two bedrooms, sauna, shower and terrace with beautiful view to lake, where You can feel every wind breeze that has flown over lake Durbe - a perfect place, to spend evening with warm cup of tea in your hands.

This leisure complex has saved some original foundations -stones from some old building - now they are part of scenery of Durbes Atvari.

More active people has chance to do some sports - basketball, football and volleyball fields have been prepared and waiting for You. Our smallest guests will also find something attractive for them - they can spend time in playground.

Windsurfing lovers have chance to enjoy expanse of lake Durbe.

Next to the bathhouse anyone can try his luck to get some catch in carp pond. But for real fisherman is opportunity to get a boat and try to catch some pike or perch in the lake.

On autumn Durbes Atvari guests are welcome to collect fruits of apple trees and pear trees.

Our history

Idea about this complex born in 2005. when the company SIA "E&R projekts" was founded. We had a chanse to purchase land in Liepājas region next to lake Durbe, in the place where to greet wonderful view to the lake.

Right now we have finished first part of the project - we have finished 3 cottages , bathhouse for up to 15 people, household building, sports grounds and children playground, prepared area.

Second part on the project is planned when Latvian economic growth will increase. 4 more cottages will be built, open-sky pool, caravan site, finished preparing area and whole infrastructure.

"Atvari" has been made with cooperation with Kārlis Kozlovskis and architect office "QL", and in this project we tried to combine Kurzeme`s (district of Latvia) characteristic mark in building with modern elements. Priority is our guest comfort and peace.

Edgars and Romualds,
SIA "E&R projekts" owners